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Workplace Cycling Workshop

For bookings please contact Raynie McNee, Company Director

E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

M: 0410 623 957


Cycle Education will help develop practical skills and confidence for your staff to safely use bikes for work, commuting, fitness or just fun.

Regular cycling can improve fitness, maintain a healthy weight and help combat a range of diseases from heart problems to cancer.

Cycling can also help improve mental health and riding for pleasure or commuting for work trips or social rides is an efficient way of getting your recommended daily thirty minutes of exercise just fun.

Cycle Education will organise a local and convenient area to set up a 60 - 90min workshop, focus is on teaching correct bike handling skills, increasing confidence and focusing on personal safety and road / pathway awareness. Limited bikes are available to use.

Upon completion of the workshop, we will provide an assessment sheet for participants.

An example of activities discussed and ridden:

  • Off-road skills
    • Bike Safety – discuss: checking ABC’H (air, brakes, chain and headset)
    • Helmet Safety – discuss: correctly fitting helmets
    • Locking the bike
    • Basic Mechanical repair – flat tyre, replacing chain (time permits)
    • Bike Set Up – Seat height, levers
  • Bike Handling Skills
    • Gears - Competently using correct gear selection
    • Corners – maintain balance on bike, technique
    • Braking – know the back vs. front brakes. Stopping at a specified point
    • Shoulder checks – straight line riding looking over shoulder/s to do visual scan.
    • Riding one handed - balance
  • Basic Road rules
    • Stop signs
    • Give way signs
    • Traffic lights
    • Navigating traffic
    • Roundabouts

COST: $400.00 + gst