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Maintenance Courses

Women's MTB  Maintenance Survival Courses - NEW DATE:  Sunday 7 July


Ever been stuck in the middle of the bush with a mechanical problem and your mechanic is back in suburbia?

This course will inform you on what to do, items to take and how to fix it.

(Image: 2011 HCI - Bike Maintenance Day.)

Dates: Sunday 7th July

Instructors: Raynie McNee & Claire Whiteman

Time:12:00 - 5:00pm

Location: Duntroon Scout Hall, Campbell,  ACT (located directly behind Campbell Shops)


Max: 10

Cost: $95.00 includes some bike parts and refreshments.




Women's Maintenance Course - No date set.





Time: 1pm - 5pm

Location: Duntroon Scout Hall, Campbell (located directly behind Campbell shops)

A basic, hands on mechanical session for the girls.

For a small group of 6 ladies, with emphasis on 'hands on' no sitting back and watching. Doing the basics: how to wash and maintain bike, fixing tyres, changing head sets, pedal on & off, chains there are a few other items.  It's about feeling capable and  self sufficient.