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As in the spirit of the event, bribery and silliness were a main priority.

5/12/11 - CYCLE ED TRIVIA RIDE Sat 3rd Dec 2011


Fun, frivolity and silliness seemed to outline Cycle Ed's Trivia Ride last Saturday. With perfect riding weather 70 people turned up to attempt an orienteering event with a few twists. At the registration, teams were handed a map already marked with 38 trivia locations, each had to be correctly answered to gain a point value. In addition there were bonus points awarded to successfully unscramble the Suburb Scramble, ironically those who could not figure out the suburbs failed to realise all the suburb names were listed on their maps. Also for an additional 20pts participants could attempt to correctly answer a random Sports Trivia Question before handing in their final score card.

The idea of the event was to have everyone start at the same time and have the trivia locations set up as a scatter course, therefore all the participants got to choose where and how many trivia locations they could get to in the allotted 3 hour time. The Trivia point locations could be collected in any order and each team decided how their cycling strength to attempt as many in the allocated time. Unlike your usual orienteering event where you punch a control card this required you to correctly write the answer on your question card requiring some brain power and not just cycling brawn.

We had many family teams of all ages come along, adding to the fun, family atmosphere of a cycling event. Many comments on the day related to parents enjoying a competitive cycling event with their children. Many smiles and wonderful hugs were given at the end.

There was a great amount of positive feedback the majority noting the event as family friendly, start time (9:30am), duration (3hrs) finding interesting facts about Canberra. Improvements were to number the trivia locations with the question card, food and beverages stands (had been contacted but we were deemed too small to cover their costs), improve the finish chute and more information on the website.

As mentioned a few hiccups happened from an organisation and marshalling point, the size of the event allowed us to see how improvements will happen for 2012. It is anticipated to do a proper promotion pitch and call out for helpers on the day.

Again thank you all for your contributions and coming along. We look forward to seeing you at the next cycling event.


Cycle Ed Team