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Learn to Ride

"I never learnt to ride a bike when I was younger, and this fact haunted me for years! There were so many occasions where I made up excuses to hide my "secret", at school camps, with friends, and at college. I felt like this was the most embarrassing thing in the world, that I couldn't do something that it seemed everyone took for granted! I especially hated the saying "it's like learning to ride a bike", as I couldn't relate to this experience at all!

I believed that I would never learn (despite boyfriends trying over the years) and that I would have to be ashamed of this aspect of myself forever. This was until Raynie came along! She told me that apparently there are lots of "us" out there, and that it is indeed possible to learn this skill as an adult. So I trusted her, and in no time I was riding to uni and back! The first lesson was really hard, and I felt like I would never get it, but I stuck at it, and it got easier and easier. I am so proud of myself, and eternally grateful to Raynie for teaching me this priceless skill. It is possible!"
Hannah 27/03/09

I am an infrequent cyclist and wanted to improve my skills and confidence to become a regular cyclist commuting to work. I had a couple of sessions with Raynie and learnt lots.

We looked at how to set up my bicycle to suit me and then at basic skills like cornering, taking off, braking, going down hill, going up hill using the gears more efficiently etc. I am now enthusiastically practising what I've learnt.
I would happily recommend Raynie to anyone who is picking up cycling in adulthood and would like to develop their skills with a friendly and encouraging teacher. The best thing is that Raynie, despite being a highly skilled cyclist, can explain things simply to 'Sunday' cyclists like me. 
Morgan P, 13 March '08